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DirectUnlocks Review 2023

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DirectUnlocks "Short & Sweet" TL;DR Review Summary

DirectUnlocks is an internationally renowned mobile phone unlocking service provider, specializing in removing the restriction imposed by phone manufacturers and carriers. They have been offering their services since 2015 and have unlocked over 3 million mobile devices since then. With their experience and expertise, DirectUnlocks is one of the most reliable unlocking services available today.

Their main goal is to provide a fast, convenient, and secure unlocking process that customers can trust. They use various specialized unlocking tools to ensure complete reliability and accuracy when it comes to unlocking devices. All of their unlocking software is developed in-house, so you can be sure it’s safe and secure from any kind of malicious third-party software.

However, DirectUnlocks seems to have a poor reputation, as numerous customers have lodged grievances regarding deceptive advertising, undisclosed charges, and unsatisfactory customer service. According to customer accounts, the website promotes a lower initial price but levies extra fees for phone unlocking. Additionally, the company has been accused of slow processing times and inadequate communication.

  • Unlock Services: iPhone unlock, Samsung unlock, Passcode Reset, IMEI Check
  • Order Process: Online Order Form
  • Average Turnaround:  2 ~ 28 days for Unlocks
  • Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card
  • Refund Policy: Limited, with lots of exceptions. See details. 
  • Customer Support: Email and Live Chat. Average Response time is 12 hours. 

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Can DirectUnlocks Unlock Your Phone?

DirectUnlock’s claims they can unlock any phone from over 800+ carriers globally…. but can they really? Based on our research and personal experience, the answer is sometimes. While DirectUnlocks does offer unlocking services for over 800+ carriers — most of these carriers only support Samsung for unlocking (which isn’t carrier specific). Unlocking iPhone is limited to certain carriers and REAL availability isn’t always clear.  Pricing is also a challenge — most services on their website claim prices start at $28, but the actual price is usually much higher ($80 to $350). Lots of customers have complained about this bait-and-switch pricing scam. 

For up to date pricing and availability, we recommend contacting DirectUnlocks directly to make sure they can unlock your phone and what the current price is. 

Does DirectUnlocks Really Work

It seems that Direct Unlocks has a lot of contradictory opinions. Some customers claim they have an iPhone that is unlocked within ten days. Sadly, many people have not been able to unlock the phone using it. This fact raises questions about its effectiveness and the value of unlocking.

It can be very helpful to see how others review the service before finally using it. These customers paid for the service already and can offer valuable insights which reveal more of what you should expect. Check the user reviews section for more service reviews.


Is DirectUnlocks legit or a scam?

DirectUnlocks appears to have a mixed reputation. While they are an internationally renowned mobile phone unlocking service provider and have been offering their services since 2015, they have received numerous complaints about deceptive advertising, undisclosed charges, and unsatisfactory customer service. In addition, customers have accused the company of slow processing times and inadequate communication. Furthermore, some customers have reported that DirectUnlocks uses a bait-and-switch tactic to scam customers, which makes their service expensive compared to alternatives. Therefore, recommend to use caution when ordering from DIrectUnlocks or simply choose an alternative unlocking provider that doesn’t do these things.

Other DirectUnlocks FYIs

DirectUnlocks Refund Policy Breakdown 

The DirectUnlocks refund policy is crucial to understand before making a purchase. In this section, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the circumstances in which DirectUnlocks will issue a refund and those in which they will not. From failed unlocks to incorrect orders, we’ll cover all the possible scenarios, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of their refund policy. Read on to learn more about DirectUnlocks’ refund policy.

Refunds will be given in the following cases

  1. If we cannot unlock your handset if it meets the criteria for each network

  2. The unlock doesn’t work due to an Invalid/Incompatible Sim message ONLY – if an iPhone fails to work due to being blacklisted in a country, an activation lock, or issues with the handset hardware e.g. No Sim or No Service, we cannot refund you. You should provide us with a video as proof that it didn’t work clearly showing “Incompatible Sim”

Refunds will NOT be given in the following cases

  1. Your iPhone is already factory unlocked but you still placed an order with us. We incur costs on submission.

  2. You ordered from several unlocking companies and decided to ask for a refund from whomever didn’t notify you first that the unlock was compete. We incur costs on submission.

  3. You ordered an unlock from a network and didn’t meet the critiera which are clearly explained before purchase, meaning an additional sum was required and you refused to pay the additional sum. We cannot refund the original payment in such cases as we have still incurred the cost.

  4. You provided an incorrect device’s IMEI number

  5. You placed an unlocking order with the wrong network / carrier (If you are not sure about what network/carrier your iPhone is locked to, please use our iPhone carrier checker first)

  6. You purchased a pre-order. Pre-orders for unlocks are non-refundable.

  7. Your device’s IMEI number is blocked / blacklisted / stolen / lost. 

  8. Unlocks which don’t work due to blacklisting in the country, an Activation Lock on the device, or issues with the handset hardware e.g. No Sim or No Service are not eligible for a refund as the unlock has been completed. Please ensure your handset is clean, has no activation lock, and works fine with a network sim it was originally locked to. If it doesn’t, we cannot be held liable.

  9. If your iPhone has an iCloud activation lock and you can not activate it, you should contact the iPhone owner to remove the iCloud account or purchase an iCloud Removal from us or another provider. We will not refund a sim unlock which has been completed, on a device that you are unable to use due to an Activation Lock. You can find out if your device has an Activation Lock prior to purchase at

  10. Exceeded the “too many incorrect attempts”.

Is DirectUnlocks Reliable?

DirectUnlocks is reliable with an average success rate of 68%, based on 500+ analyzed customer reviews. More than 50% of unlocks have take over 10 days to complete  There are been plenty of cases of DirectUnlocks being unable to unlock certain phones and either charging 3-5x the original price to unlock, or not being able to unlock and not issuing a refund for the pre-order.

Unlocking Success Rate
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DirectUnlocks Customer Reviews

Reviews are important because they provide valuable feedback, build trust and credibility, help with decision-making, provide social proof, and facilitate customer engagement. In this DirectUnlock review, we are looking at the positive and negative comments.

Despite the positive ratings and comments displayed on the website, other review platforms present a contrasting view.

Cherry-Picked Reviews on Their Website

DirectUnlock “Only Good Reviews” on their website


Real Reviews on Independent Review Websites

Reviews indicate that DirectUnlocks has a terrible reputation for customer service, refunds, and communication. 



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