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DoctorSim Review

A popular Spain-based Phone Unlocking provider. Reliable but expensive.
DoctorSIM User Ratings
Rated 3.7 out of 5

The Bottom Line

Doctor SIM ( offers phone SIM unlocking services for most phones and carriers globally, as well as a top up service. Their prices are among the most expensive and it may take up to 7 days to unlock your phone, but they are reliable and offer superb support. 



DoctorSIM "Short & Sweet" TL;DR Review Summary

DoctorSIM has 4.4 stars rating out of 5 on across Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and review sites, with over 10,000 user reviews. They can unlock most phones within 48 hours, check blacklisted status of your phone and can even top up your phone plan, data and minutes. 

  • Services: 
  • Order Process: Order Online
  • Turnaround Time: 7 days/average
  • HQ Location: Spain
  • Years In Business: Launched in 2007 (15 years old)
  • Payment Methods: Credit card, Paypal & Crypto
  • Refund Policy: Refunds limited to specific situations. See below.
  • Customer Support:  Email Support only

What is DoctorSIM?

DoctorSIM was founded in 2007 with the vision of bringing clarity and transparency to the tangled and chaotic world of global mobile telephony. The brand’s objective is to offer all kinds of telephony and savings services with a modern and advanced technological service. 

DoctorSIM provides you with all the assistance in accomplishing different services related to mobile phones. It can unlock mobile phone carrier locks of different brands and models include Android Phone or iPhone. To unlock the phone, you need to follow only 3 steps, including selecting the iPhone model, filling a short form, and paying the required payment. Once it is done, they will send an email with the instructions to proceed further. 

Services Offered

  • Carrier Unlocking: Online unlocking service for thousands of cell phones and devices so that they can be used with any cell network/carrier in any country.
  • IMEI Check: Get a complete report on the status of your cell phone completely free. Check your cell phone and discover if the operator reports the IMEI due to a situation of loss, theft or non-payment
  • Balance Recharge: Recharge the balance of any cell phone in doctorSIM. You can send money to your friends and family 100% online and secure. No hidden fees.

Key Features

  • Legal and permanent
  • 24×7 customer support and guidance
  • This method ensures the iPhone warranty
  • The fastest and safest way to unlock the phone


DoctorSIM’s prices for Unlocking Phones vary greatly depending on the phone model, make, country, carrier and status. 

Their prices for unlocking phones from U.S. mobile carriers are not cheap at all, and range from $36 for Verizon, up to $180 for AT&T unlocks, with turnaround times averaging 5-7 days. 

They also charge $6 to check if your phone is eligible for unlocking before you can order the unlocking service. This is something many other unlocking companies offer for free or included in their services.


DoctorSIM Coupon Codes

We couldn’t find any coupon codes online for DoctorSIM. All of the coupons we found online were either fake or did not work.

Refund Policy

One of the biggest complaints from customers about Doctor SIM is not getting a refund if something does wrong. Well, DoctorSIM has a fairly strict refund policy, written in black and white on their website. However, we know most people don’t read the find print so we break it down for you below to make it easy for you to understand how and what to do to get a refund if something goes wrong:

How To Get A Refund

DoctorSIM offers refunds for only two types of scenarios. They are as follows:

1. The unlock code does not exist.

If the unlock code for your phone is not available and you followed their guidelines, doctorSIM will refund your money.

2. Incorrect unlock code and/or instructions.

Video proof will be required if the unlock code does not work. The client must send an uncut video dialing *#06# to display the IMEI on the phone and typing the unlock code provided by doctorSIM. The image must be sharp enough to show the keys, display screen texts clearly and should show the device at all times. The video helps doctorSIM detect errors during the unlocking process. In these cases, doctorSIM will contact the customer via e-mail to solve the problem. Otherwise, if the unlock code happens to be incorrect, doctorSIM will request a second code free of charge or issue a refund.

DoctorSIM’s refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days. 

No Refund Scenarios 

DoctorSIM’s refund policy details cases where they WILL NOT issue you a refund. Please make sure to read carefully before ordering from them:

  1. Blacklisted, Reported or Blocked phones — These phones will remain inoperable despite any attempt to unlock them. If you have found or bought a phone from a stranger, make sure it has not been blacklisted/reported or blocked before requesting an unlock code. doctorSIM will not issue refunds for such phones.
  2. No Remaining Unlocking Attempts — Some phones have limited unlocked attempts. Once these have been exhausted unlocking the phone via IMEI will not be possible unless the counter is reset. This reset is not always possible for some phones. We recommend our customers contact doctorSIM before exhausting unlocking attempts to find alternative solutions. doctorSIM will not issue refunds if the phone has exhausted its unlocking attempts but will try to solve the problem for the customer.
  3. Free/Unlocked Devices — If your phone is already unlocked, they will not issue a refund. Make sure your phone is locked and in need of their specific services.
  4. Placing orders with wrong information — Requests with the wrong IMEI number, serial number, make, model, network provider or e-mail address will not be refunded. Please check the details of your request before checkout.
  5. Software and/or hardware modifications — Any sort of modification to the original software and hardware settings of the phone that might interfere with the functioning of the unlock code and instructions supplied by doctorSIM.
  6. Same unlocking request placed with another unlocking company or the original network carrier — DoctorSIM will not issue refunds if you have placed the same request in parallel with another unlocking company or the original network carrier. Processing a request incurs an internal cost to doctorSIM which cannot be reclaimed after the 10-minute grace period we offer to cancel or modify requests has expired.

Is Doctor SIM safe?

Yes, DoctorSIM is safe to use and do business with. They have been around since 2007 and has unlocked over 5 millions phones. They’re based in Spain and are fairly transparent. All services are remote and do not require physical or virtual access to your phone —  it’s all done from the carrier’s side. They guarantee that all services they offer are legal, safe and will not void your warranty. 

DoctorSIM Reviews

Read and check out DoctorSIM reviews, photos and experiences from real customers and users across the web.  Submit your own review and experience about DoctorSIM to share with other readers and potential customers, and leave your mark. 

Rated 3.7 out of 5
3.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Unlock worked for my Samsung.

Rated 5 out of 5

I ordered from DoctorSIM and it worked just as promised. My samsung was unlocked a little over 2 days.


DoctorSim scam

Rated 1 out of 5

I shall put my hand up as another doctors sim sucker. They took my money, gave me a fake story about the number not being available but somehow, if I pay them MORE money, then somehow they WILL be able to unlock. Needless to say, I declined their oh so kind offer. Then I got a “refund” to their website for future use – which I am of course never going to use.


Paid for expedited service... recieved my code by email 3rd day. Didnt utilize customer service

Rated 5 out of 5

No complaints! Great job i now have an unlocked note 20 ultra on my hands im excited to know that i didnt waste my money!


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