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IMEIGurus Unlocking Review 2023


3.2/5  | 30+ reviews

The TL:DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Bottom Line

IMEIGurus can unlock your phone and “fix” blacklisted IMEIs. They require extra technical steps and setup from  customers and their processes may cause issues with your phone and warranty.  We recommend using an alternative provider.



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IMEIGurus Review Overview

IMEIGurus has 4.5 stars rating out of 5 on across Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and review sites. Unfortunately, unlike other companies that can unlock your phone without any additional steps from you, IMEIGurus doesn’t work like they. They require you install software on your computer (Windows PC required)  and provide them with remote access so they can essentially “hack” your phone to unlock it or repair the IMEI — this may also void your warranty or brick your phone (making it inoperable). This makes IMEIGurus a tough sale and a provider we can’t recommend.

  • Services: USB Unlocks, FRP Removal and Remote IMEI Repair Fix;
  • Order Process: eCommerce Style ordering
  • Average Turnaround: 1-7 days
  • Payment Methods: ShopPay, GPay, Amazon Pay, Coin Payments, Credit Card
  • Refund Policy: Refunds only issued if services were not completed. No refunds if they started working on your order or if you purchase credits for their website. 
  • Customer Support: Email and live chat only

IMEIGurus Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 94 reviews)
Very good6%



Main unlocking page implies there is one payment to unlock your phone (click the unlock button)

After paying, you get an email asking for 3x more than already paid to unlock the phone. There is fine print on the payment page stating it’s for a ‘check’ only. This contradicts the initial page – FRAUD.

It’s a classic con and the business has been reported to trading standards UK


All the hallmarks of a Scam


Typical bait and switch scam, additional fees and plenty of waiting down the line. And double-dutch – if you don’t pay the second ransom in 2 weeks they will “release your unlock” – what does that mean? The phone I’m trying to unlock isn’t worth $100 (due to model age, condition is pristine) in the resale market, so this scam far exceeds it’s value. Why does Google allow these scammers to place ads in their search engine??


Is it Scammed Company or Real?


I have not yet received my unblock. I paid $26 first and then they asked me to pay an additional 54 dollars, and I did. The phone stayed at 95% until now. I sent emails but it is said non-reply. I called them and left the message no reply. What is going on with this company?

Dominic Ding

SCAM Do not use!


I submitted the payment of $26 requested on their website to unlock my phone, after a day I received an email requesting for additional $49 to continue the process claiming that the initial payment was only to “check if my phone was eligible for unlocking” and no service was going to be provided to me unless I paid the new fee. They claimed that it was because my phone was “very expensive”. First, I don’t know what the cost of the phone has to do with anything, and second, my phone is worth $120 on a good day, they are charging me 63% of the phone’s worth to unlock it! What kind of nonsense is this? Also, I reached out to ask for a refund of the initial fee they charged me, which provided NO VALUE to me, and they refused to give me a reasonable answer. First, they answered with clearly generic answers, possibly even AI generated, and they claimed that they can’t because it is an automated payment process. What in world does that even mean? Emma was the lady who was responding to my emails by the way. Thankfully, I stopped at this point, I can only imagine how many more additional hidden fees they were planning on charging me. Save yourself a hell and stay away from this company and from Emma.


Over 30 days later and still no unlock


I waited a month on both a brand knew Samsung fold4 and a flip4. Unlock codes sent to me for the phones did not work. I sent screen shots of what it said 20 times but all they kept saying is they never got them. Never would hear back from them. This place is a total joke and a scam in my book. asked for refund but Im going to call my credit card company just in case. The only thing they accomplished was waisting my time and taking payment. Pretty much the same with a lot of these companies. No number to call. Just email. What a joke.


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