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UnlockBoot Review 2023

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)



UnlockBoot "Short & Sweet" TL;DR Review Summary

UnlockBoot ( is a reliable and trusted provider of phone unlocking services. With competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and friendly customer support, they’re one of the best options on the market. Whether you need to unlock an iPhone or Samsung device, UnlockBoot has an affordable solution for you. So if you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to unlock your phone, then UnlockBoot is definitely worth considering.

  • Unlock Services: iPhone and Samsung unlocks for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile/Metro, StraightTalk/Tracfone, Sprint & Xfinity, plus international carriers (UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa & South America).
  • Order Process:
    1. Order Unlocking Service
    2. Wait 2 – 28 days
    3. Yay! Your phone is unlocked (96% of the time)
  • Average Turnaround:  2 ~ 30 days for Unlocks
  • Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Apple Pay or Cyrpto
  • Refund Policy: 100% Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Customer Support: Email and Live Chat. The average response time is 4 hours. 
UnlockBoot Unlocking Store

UnlockBoot Service Availability

UnlockBoot offers a wide range of unlocking services for most mobile devices and carriers, including iPhone and Samsung and carriers in US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and more. Their remote unlock services promise and deliver fast turnaround times, with real-world permanent unlock completion times of 1 to 7 days for most services, with some exceptions (listed below) that can take up to 30 days. Prices vary by device & carrier, but are displayed transparently upfront before ordering, so you always know what it costs. Below are the service details, prices and order links.

USA iPhone Unlocks — $19 ~ $269

  • AT&T iPhone Unlock (1-14 days) $19 ~ $179
  • Verizon iPhone Unlock (1-3 days) for $39
  • T-Mobile iPhone Unlock (7-30 days) from $179 to $269
  • Xfinity iPhone Unlock (1-3 days) for $59
  • Sprint iPhone Unlock (5-15 days) from $129 to $219
  • Cricket iPhone Unlock (3-7 days) for $39
  • StraightTalk / Tracfone iPhone Unlock (1-7 days) for $39

Samsung Unlock (Any Country, Any Model) — $29 ~ $219

International iPhone Unlocks

  • UK iPhone Unlock (Works with O2, Vodafone, 3, Orange, EE & T-Mobile UK)— $39 ~ $99
  • Canada iPhone Unlock (Rogers, Bell, Videotron, SaskTel, & Telus) — $19 ~$179
  • France iPhone Unlock (Orange, SFR, Virgin, Bouygues) — $19 ~ $59
  • Australia iPhone Unlock (Optus & Vodafone) — $19 ~ $49
  • Austria iPhone Unlock (TMobile, Organge & A1) — $109 ~ $229
  • Brazil iPhone Unlock (Claro, TIM & Vivo) — $29 ~ $99
  • Norway iPhone Unlock (Telenor)
  • Sweden iPhone Unlock (Telenor, Telia, Tele2, & 3) — $39+
  • Spain iPhone Unlock (Vodafone, Movistar) — $19
  • Ireland iPhone Unlock (Meteor & Vodafone) — $59
  • Japan iPhone Unlock (KDDI & Softbank) — $29
  • Korea iPhone Unlock (KT) — $19
  • Other / EMEA iPhone Unlock — $19

How To Order from UnlockBoot

Ordering with UnlockBoot is pretty straightforward. No bait-and-switch or pre-order services like some other providers do. You can place your order within 3 minutes, and have your phone unlocked within a day or two in most cases.

  1. Select Unlocking Service — All you need to do is select the right unlocking service based on your country, device & current carrier (the one your phone is locked to, NOT the one you want to switch to). You can easily select a service above, or browse their service list to find the right service for your phone/carrier.
  2. Order Service — Once you find it, enter your device’s IMEI Number and press Unlock Now.
  3. Checkout — From there, you’ll be sent to the checkout page to pay — you can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Google or Apple Pay, BinancePay or Crypto (over 50+ coins).
  4. Confirmation Email — Once you’ve placed your unlock order, you should receive a confirmation email with more instructions/details on what to expect next.
  5. Wait — UnlockBoot Unlocking services usually takes between a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the service.
  6. UNLOCKED — Your phone is unlocked! You’ll receive an email confirmation informing you once your phone is unlocked, or with your unlocking instructions or unlock code. VIOLA! Now pop in that new SIM card and enjoy!

Is UnlockBoot safe or a scam?

UnlockBoot is one of the most reliable and legit unlocking services on the market. They have a strong reputation, with 4.6 star rating on average BestPhoneUnlock, Trustpilot, SiteJabber and ReviewsIO. Customers report an average turnaround time of 1~2 days for most unlocks, and good & quick customer support.

There have been a few UnlockBoot complaints related to the wrong services ordered (and having to pay the difference) or unclear unlocking instructions. But overall, customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Is UnlockBoot Reliable?

UnlockBoot is reliable with an average success rate of 96%, based on 2,700+ analyzed customer reviews. Over 80% of unlocks are completed within 5 days, and the other 20% take between 4 to 30 days.  Compared the other providers, UnlockBoot is among the most reliable unlocking providers on the web in 2023. 

Unlocking Success Rate
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UnlockBoot Reviews

Read and check out UnlockBoot reviews, photos and experiences from real customers and users across the web.  Submit your own review and experience about UnlockBoot to share with other readers and potential customers, and leave your mark. Was UnlockBoot good? Did they work? How much did you pay? How long did you wait? How would you rate the experience? Would you recommend UnlockBoot to friends or family, or would you avoid them like the plague? We would love to know.

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)
Very good4%

Happy to write this review!


Quick, patient and got the job done quickly for me, would be happy to recommend and use again.


Unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max AT&T in 22 hours!


unlockboots service is incredible! I have an iPhone 13 pro on AT&T with monthly handset payments. When I called AT&T they were unable to unlock it without me paying off the phone in full. Instead I used this service to unlock my phone and enable it to be used overseas. Amazing service and they unlocked my phone within 1 day!


iPhone unlocking king!


Best iPhone unlock services online I’d say Unlock iPhone 13, 12, X, and SE by IMEI code permanantly in 2 days.


Faster than expected.


Unlocked my iphone in a few hours! Much quicker than the suggested time. Thanks


Unlocking samsung


Excellent process, the tech understood and walked me thru steps easily and clearly via email.

James TMobile

Not instant but it worked!


The process took longer than the stated 48 hours but in the end it all worked out. The communication during the wait wasn’t good but during that time they were working on the code for the phone and getting the right one I needed. It ended up I got a discount and a code that worked straight away, first time! So overall I’m happy.


Excellent and fast service


Excellent and fast service

I was doubt about unlock my fold 2

But when I received codes 8n less than 24 hours and unlock my fold I was very happy

Thank you

Mohammed A.

Repeat customer


Ive not had a device that they couldn’t unlocked. The service is fast, efficient and the prices are extremely acceptable! Even the customer service was great. They kept in contact with me and made sure my products were working as they should after the unlocks.

I am a repeat customer and tell anyone asking where to go to get they devices unlocked!


No drama. No issues.


Absolutely perfect. No drama. No issues. The next day and my iPhone was unlocked.

Jared H.H.

GREAT service! They said it would take 1-3 days to unlock my iphone on Verizon and sure enough, it was done in 1.


Couldn’t be happier and I’ve already told a few friends and cousins about it.


Always amazing and fast!


Used this company twice for two different phones. Both times i received very fast responses, and very quick services. Will be using this company if i ever need anpther phone unlocked! I highly recommend going through them!


Unbeatable remote unlocking serivce


I’ve used these guys multiple times for various models to Remote unlock FRP Locks and SIM Unlock services. They are efficient, well knowledgeable and the price is unbeatable. Will be doing business with these guys again.

Robert Michael

Switched on the same day!


They had a couple errors on my side, but were patient and walked me through them. Unlocked and switched to new carrier the same day. Thanks!

Susan K.

Excellent service Very happy with speed & results!


I needed to unlock 4 iPhones and unlockboot did it in less than a day for less than $100! Way easier than I expected!

Jim T

When others can't, there's unlockboot for the win!


When others can’t, there’s unlockboot for the win! I tried mobileunlocked first and they couldn’t (still working on getting that refund) then directunlocks and same issue. Finally I landed on unlockboot and they were able to unlock my phone after 6 days!! I almost gave up home, but the unlockboot team pulled through!


Great service.


Great service. Unlocked my iPhone 12 from AT&T in no time.


Unlocked my tmobile Note in 1 hour!


Unlocked my T-Mobile Note 10+ for use in Canada! Took an hour and was done remotely! Great company!


Xfinity iPhone unlocked!


Finally unlocked my Xfinity iPhone with these guys and sold it for $150 more than I could have otherwise! Nice profit!


Unlocked Moto Razr 5G (2020) on Sprint/TMobile


Sprint/TMobile can not sim unlock this phone. I had spent over 13 days and 12 hrs trying to get it unlocked.

Unlockboot did it in 10 minutes! These guys rock and are the real deal.




Kudos to the UnlockBoot team. First attempt was not successful. Second one took a while but at the end everthing worked out.


Took 15 days to unlock!


Unlockboot promised to unlock my T-Mobile / Metro iPhone in 5 days but it took them 15 days! No bad otherwise.


You can't ask for more!


This company took damn good care of me and even went above and beyond! Could not recommend more!


My GO TO unlocking service


I’ve been using UnlockBoot for more than 6 years now. You’re always my go to when I need any android help and they never disappoint


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